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Do you ever forget to put your phone on a silent profile before starting your prayers? And has the phone rung on such an occasion? Would you like your Android ‘smart phone’ to be actually smart, and automatically figure out when you’ll be praying, and automatically make the phone silent during prayer times? If yes, then Prayer Silencer is the app you have been waiting for!

Prayer Silencer is an Android app that calculates prayer times, and then changes the profile of your phone when prayer times start. After a user-defined duration, it automatically changes the profile back to what it was originally. Prayer Silencer currently supports WQVGA and WVGA devices running on Android 2.0 and newer. There are two versions:

  • Prayer Silencer is a free ad supported version. Advanced settings like silence type, Dhur, Isha and Jumah fixed times are locked and not available in this version.
  • Prayer Silencer Pro is the paid version. It is ad-free, and all settings are unlocked.
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