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Why does the application complain about ads being blocked?

This only happens on the free version. Prayer Silencer free is ad supported and therefore ads need to be shown for it to run. If ad blocking is detected, an error dialogue will be shown and application can not be used anymore.

If you did not install an ad blocker from the Android Market, and you use custom rom like CyanogenMod, then most likely the custom rom has blocked ads.

To fix this issue either purchase Prayer Silencer Pro or remove all entries blocking Admob and Google from /system/etc/hosts file.

Why doesn’t my phone get silenced?

Are you using an app killer or battery saver? These will often de-register Android system alarms, which is the mechanism that Prayer Silencer uses to silence the phone in background.

Please exclude/ignore Prayer Silencer from your app killer/battery saver, reboot device and Prayer Silencer should silence your phone as intended.

I am having an unlisted issue what can I do?

If the issue involves Prayer Silencer force closing then you will be presented with an opportunity to email information about the issue. With the exception of your email address no other personal information will be sent (you can check by reading the complete message).

If the issue does not involve force close then send an email to with information about the issue.

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