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User Guide

Getting Started

  1. First, you must enter in your location. The easiest way of doing this is by getting the application to calculate your location.
  2. Ensure sure you have internet access and go in to “Prayer Time Calculation” under “Settings” and select Location. Please wait as the dialogue will disappear and your current location will be set.
  3. Select calculation and Juristic method.
  4. Press back button a few times until the prayer screen is displayed and compare times with times from your local mosque/calendar. Note any variations.
  5. Go back to “Prayer Time Calculation” and make adjustments to account for the noted variations.
  6. Press back button, select “Phone Silencing” and select when you wish the phone to be silent and for how long.
  7. (optional) If desired, add Prayer Silencer widget to the home screen.
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